The guide to choosing the right car steering wheel cover

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Nowadays, the use of a steering wheel cover is common. The latter is used for various purposes by many motorists. There are also a wide variety of models on the market, which does not facilitate the choice. It then becomes important to better understand the nature and use of the steering wheel cover, to be able to choose the right model . Here are some tips to make sure you choose the best steering wheel cover for sure!

What is a steering wheel cover?

The steering wheel is one of the essential components of the car. Over time, and following its use, it can deteriorate. An immediate consequence of the deterioration of the surface of the steering wheel is a poorer grip. A drop in handling and the obligation for drivers to provide additional effort continuously.

Aside from the security risks that this can represent, there is also the aesthetic aspect that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, it is possible to install a steering wheel cover to delay or even prevent its deterioration. The steering wheel cover is an accessory designed in leather or imitation leather installed on the steering wheel circle. It can be used as an aesthetic tool or optimize the grip of the steering wheel, thus facilitating driving.

Steering wheel cover use cases

The reasons for using a steering wheel cover may vary from one motorist to another. That said, the main reason remains security . 

In reality, the more time passes, the more the material used for coating the steering wheel deteriorates. This makes using your steering wheel more difficult and it can have an impact on your safety while traveling. Thus, the use of a steering wheel cover makes it possible to give the steering wheel a new look for a given time. It thus avoids problems related to the wear of the latter.

How to choose your steering wheel cover?

The choice of a steering wheel cover is based on certain criteria specific to the car model and also depends on the owner's own tastes. The latter must take into consideration four criteria when choosing his steering wheel cover, namely: dimensions, type of fixing, material and colors. These criteria also determine the different types of steering wheel covers that exist.

The dimensions

These are the dimensions of the steering wheel and are determined by measuring the inside and outside diameter of the steering wheel. This then makes it possible to determine the exact diameter of the steering wheel cover to buy.

The type of fixing

There are generally two to know: the lace-up type and the sewn type

  • The type with laces: It allows to fix the steering wheel cover on all the inside circumference of the steering wheel, using a lace.
  • The sewn type: two pre-prepared seams are used on the steering wheel cover to fix it. In this case, after the steering wheel cover to be sewn is installed, the thread supplied is sewn all around the inner perimeter and the two ends are connected.

The material

It is the type of material or texture used to make the steering wheel cover. There are different kinds such as:

  • The leather textures , considered the most noble material;
  • The textures imitation leather (polyurethane, etc.);
  • The textures animal furs they are true or false, foam, alcantara, in wig, etc.

The colors

The last criterion is naturally relative to the colors available. The latter is chosen according to your tastes. You will have to find the color that interests you in the full palette of colors offered on different websites or in auto accessory stores.

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